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"Touching a Covid-19 world remotely to transform lives through research and policy-making"

Dr. Michelle King-Okoye



As the outbreak of COVID-19 turned into a pandemic, the long-standing health disparities among ethnic minorities became apparent as a dire global phenomenon. Deeply saddened by the disproportionate number of infections and deaths among ethnic minorities, Dr. Michelle King-Okoye wanted to use her research background examining individuals’ experiences with health and illness to make meaningful contributions to healthcare and policy-making as it relates to COVID-19. Volunteer researchers were recruited from various platforms, in 2020 to work alongside Dr. King-Okoye on a series of research projects, which seek to better understand the reported symptoms, help-seeking accounts and diagnosis and treatment subjective experiences of ethnic minorities afflicted by COVID-19. Some of our publications can be seen on this website.


These global researchers from various research disciplines, have joined together to form the Ethnicity and COVID-19 Research Consortium (ECRC). The ECRC team members are motivated to identify the risk factors which lead to disproportionate morbidity and mortality rates in ethnic minorities, by applying their diverse skills and experience in research. Most importantly, they are committed towards making positive contributions towards healthcare and policy making. Our researchers are trained in human subjects research involving the conduct of qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research.

BAME Research Consortium

Our BAME Research Consortium, started in 2020/21, comprised of scholars from BAME backgrounds, including Allies are involved in various activities, such as mentorship, training, publications and academic collaborations. Our team reflects early and mid-career researchers, senior academics, industry workers and diverse expertise from across the globe. Membership is free to all researchers and scholars at various stages in academia who would like to join our global network. The team is currently focused on research, policymaking and community engagement involving ethnic minority communities (apart from Covid19) as we recognise there is a dearth of research that are important to Black, Asian and minority ethnic populations and we are committed to filling these gaps.


Please contact Michelle @MMKingOkoye if you would like to get involved.

Dr. Michelle King-Okoye

"Disaggregating ethnicity and race based data is critical towards having a better understanding of Covid-19 and other conditions among ethnic minority populations. This is one gap our research study will fill"

Dr Michelle King-Okoye


Please contact us using the form below to participate in the research study, for press releases or if you are a researcher and would like to collaborate.

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