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Long Covid - Do you have a question?

Dr William O'Neill is a retired general surgeon, ICU director and research scientist who has been conducting research into Long Covid. He will share his views arising from his research study and give you an opportunity to ask questions & engage in discussions on Long Covid.

Engaging and supporting communities affected by Long Covid

Long Covid or post Covid19 syndrome refers to the long-term effect of Covid19 (or coronavirus). Whilst some people may recover quickly from symptoms of Covid19, others may take weeks or months to recover.  Symptoms of Long Covid may be different for each person. Commonly reported symptoms are seen below.

We would like to engage with individuals and families affected by Long Covid through the 'Ask your question' session with Dr William O'Neill. This session is open to the general public, academics and researchers. All questions sent in will be answered via a recorded session. A 'live' session will follow and further details about this will be sent to all participants.

long covid symptoms


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