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COVID-19 Among Black, Asians and Minority Ethnic Populations Across Developed Countries First ever International Mini-Conference
Dr Michelle King-Okoye

Dr Michelle King-Okoye is the founder and leader of the Ethnicity and Covid-19 Research Consortium (ECRC). She will give an overview of Covid-19 among Black, Asian and minority ethnic populations across developed countries.

Catherine Rycroft

Dr Catherine Rycroft has extensive experience in evidence based medicine. Dr Rycroft will discuss the physiological findings of a current systematic review completed by ECRC. See more about this here.


Dr William O'Neill, a retired General Surgeon and ICU Director will describe the clinical and peculiar signs and symptoms of Covid-19. 

Jane Harrison.jpeg

Jane Harrison is a Lecturer in Performing Arts/Acting specialising in Storytelling. She will be talking about the importance of sharing experiences of Covid19 having had a full recovery from this illness herself.

Sheilamae Reyes Ablay.jpg

Dr Sheilamae Reyes-Ablay, a sociologist will be examining the stigma associated with Covid-19 for people of colour.  These are preliminary findings from an ongoing research study by ECRC.

Alice Scott

Dr Mary Alice Scott, a medical anthropologist will be co-presenting preliminary findings of an ongoing study among the colonia communities in New Mexico, together with Professor Kathryn Olszowy.

Anna Greszta

Anna Greszta will discuss Covid-19 among BAME populations in Europe, from a research paper currently in press in which she is first author.

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