Meet the team behind the STEVIE web app

'It has been an amazing journey working together with this dedicated team. As Covid-19 will become a permanent part of our lives, the STEVIE web app will be instrumental towards collecting useful data that will inform policy-making and further research' Dr King-Okoye.

The STEVIE web-app, 'Supporting Transition to care through Engagement with Vulnerable populations to address Inequalities for all Ethnicities’ was inspired by Dr King-Okoye after conducting narrative research with individuals and families directly and indirectly affected by Covid-19. Dr King-Okoye wishes to acknowledge the following researchers involved in this project (in alphabetical order):
Pre-development stage (in alphabetical order): Dr Sheilamae Reyes Ablay, Jefferson Alvarez, Nicholas Anakwue, Julie Cusack, Dr Keerthi Dubbala, Dr Michelle King-Okoye, Carl Jackson, Sheba Matthew, Hiten Parmar, Dr Ashwin Pillai, Zheng Song, Skye Zhang and Elizabeth Zhu.
Technical Team
Jefferson Alvarez
Carl Jackson
Hiten Parmar
Elizabeth Zhu

Information Team
Julie Cusack
Keerthi Dubbala
Ashwin Pillai
Zheng Song

Promotion Team

Nicholas Anakwue
Ashwin Pillai