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About Nicholas Anakwue

Nicholas Anakwue is a public philosopher, writer and researcher, with over five years of research experience in Business Ethics and Sustainability. He has a first class honors in Philosophy from the University of Ibadan, and is also rounding off his masters in African and Diaspora Studies at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He specializes in philosophy and migration studies research, of which he is a member of the African Migration, Mobility and Displacement (AMMODI) Collaborative Research Group for Europe, as well as the American Philosophical Association, and the Oxford Critical Ancient World Studies (CAWS) project.  

Nicholas Anakwue

He also works with various NGOs in organizing and delivering insightful programmes for youth development, mental health and happiness, such as the Be Happy Foundation and the Africa Matters Initiative, under which he successfully hosted two Youth Development programmes earlier in the year. He is resourceful, jovial and smart. He sees a future where societal structures and conditions make for happy communities and happier people. To this effect, he is a foremost promoter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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